The Journal welcomes the submission of articles for publication consideration regardless of whether the author is a member of the Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law. As a publication of the Section, however, the Journal particularly encourages Section members and committees to submit materials for publication consideration. Articles must be submitted in electronic format by e-mail to:

 (in the case of articles on real property law topics); or

 W. Birch Douglass, III, at (in the case of articles on estate planning, probate and trust law topics).

We do not require that articles be submitted to the Journal on an exclusive basis, but we do expect that articles submitted to us will not have been previously published in, or committed to, any other publication, in either the same or the similar form. Authors should notify us immediately if an article submitted to us for publication consideration is accepted for publication elsewhere. We may consider for publication articles that have previously appeared elsewhere, but only if the submitted article is substantially different—either in treatment, focus or length—from the previously published version, and provided that the copyright holder of the previous publication will provide written permission for the article to appear in the Journal. We do not consider for publication articles that are in draft form or contain any unfinished material. Occasionally we will ask authors of articles we have already accepted to update the articles prior to publication in order to clarify items or to take into account changes in the law or other current developments.

For more information on policies and procedures, please visit the ABA’s website.